Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oldies but (I hope!) Goodies

So since I'm pretty much a beginner at this whole fashion blog thing, for my first post, I decided to collect some pictures of my past outfits that I was all about.

Since I haven't done any official photoshoots yet, the clothes in these might not be very visible, and for that I apologize! But I'm going to do some photoshoots in the near future. 

This is me in Kiev. I'm wearing a backpack from a market in Odessa, Russia and a vintage scarf (1960's) from the Izmailovsky Market in Moscow. 

This is me at my friend's apartment, who has the coolest Matroshka wallpaper ever! I'm wearing her vintage sweater over the American Apparel shirt-dress.

So, you can't really see it here, but unfortunately, this is the only pic I have of one of my favorite vintage dresses. It has a pattern of little men on it. And I'm wearing my favorite red thrift Cole Haan moccasins and Zara sunglasses.

Wanted to show my red moccasins again, they are my favorite shoes ever.

A photoshoot my friend did in which I'm wearing a vintage black lace dress from a boutique in Philadelphia and thrifted Cole Haan loafers. 

One of my favorite vintage blouses from Retrospect on South Street in Philly.

My other favorite red shoes, an Urban dress, and a vintage belt. In the background you can see my fur coat, vintage from the 40's, bought at a vintage boutique in Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia, Piccadilly's.

One of my favorite thrifted blouses and vintage loafers bought on Etsy. They soon fell apart completely, but I loved them to death.

This is from a while ago, but I loved this vintage little leopard jacket. I wish I could remember the company that made it, and unfortunately, I didn't bring it to Russia with me. I think it's from the 60's. Shoes from Office in London. And of course, dress from American Apparel. 

A vest that I found thrifting and whose pattern has held up through the trends for 5 years already. Blouse from Anthropologie and pants from American Apparel. (Sorry for my face!!!) 

A favorite - Betsey Johnson dress from the 90's found thrifting. Belt from Vagabond boutique in Philadelphia.

A skirt I found thrifting at the Hadassah House in a suburb of Chicago. Hat from Urban, had to buy it for 5 dollars on sale! And belt from thrift store. Black backpack from Vagabond boutique in Philly - delightfully 90's grunge. 

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